Dianna Crowder

I cannot say enough good things about this clinic and the unique services they offer. I urge anyone looking to improve their overall well-being to go check this place out. AdvancedYOU’s dedicated team will welcome you and make you feel right at home.

My most recent visit left me feeling absolutely incredible and inclined to share it. I used the ARX, getting a FULL body workout in under 15 minutes. No joke. I’m an avid gym goer who loves working out. I will continue to incorporate ARX into my regiment because it really maximizes efficiency; I was able to lift drastically more weight than I could in a gym, all in a controlled manor. The equipment is completely safe because it adapts to each individual’s specific body and strength. Unbelievable. After my ARX workout, I hopped in the Cryo chamber to help speed up recovery. The 3-minute session left me feeling energized and focused. I ended my treatment in the hyperbaric chamber. The excess oxygen really helps with inflammation, and I immediately noticed a difference in my chronic hip pain.

In a process that took close to an hour and a half, I got an unmatchable workout followed by extreme physical and mental recovery. The impossible is possible … at AdvancedYOU.

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