Benefits of PNOÉ Metabolic Testing

I take my fitness seriously.

When you feel this statement accurately describes you, PNOÉ metabolic testing may be for you. In order to have a diet and exercise regimen that effectively works towards strengthening your physical performance, endurance, and strength, all of which contribute to your overall fitness, you need to know everything about your body and how it functions.

What is PNOÉ?

PNOÉ is a high-tech, clinical-grade fitness test that can precisely measure metabolic, heart, lung, and cellular fitness. This tool is ideal for doctors treating high-level athletes looking to boost their performance, customize diet and nutrition plans based on their specific metabolism and energy needs, or individuals wanting to enhance their quality of life.

Metabolic Testing Benefits

This test provides precise measurements of your health that other devices cannot offer. On top of measuring metabolic, heart, lung, and cellular fitness, PNOÉ also calculates your resting metabolic rate, fat-max zone, calorie burn, VO2 max, fat and carbohydrate burn, movement economy, and biological age.

You can determine exactly how your body uses fuel during exercise and the moment your body switches from using fats to carbohydrates or vice versa. All these data points can point to strengths as well as limitations in your three physiologic systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic.

Data only gets you so far, though. Context is imperative to know what to do with the data provided from this test. Therefore, our specialists administer the PNOÉ test, evaluate the results, and give you the next steps to successfully improve your physical health and performance. This is the ultimate benefit.

The health and fitness industry is significantly oversaturated with opinions. The amount of resources available about how to improve your health is overwhelming. The reality is no one method is going to work for everyone. This is what makes PNOÉ metabolic testing so great. It will give you a personalized regimen for diet and exercise based solely on the data we collect from you during your resting and active metabolic test.

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