Bio-Hacking and Wellness in Dallas

To respond to the unique needs of our clients, we offer a full suite of enhancement procedures for men’s sexual wellness needs as well as aesthetics, longevity, and biohacking for both men and women. We provide exclusive services for our male patients, including PhalloFILL® male girth enhancement, Phallo-X™, and Low-T men’s hormone replacement therapy, and for both men and women, we offer Superhuman Protocol, PNOĒ metabolic testing, ARX Fit (active resistance exercise), SmartGraft® FUE hair restoration, and hair restoration with both stem cells, exosomes, and PRP (platelet rich plasma).

We make understanding and loving your body possible and are proud to have a long list of satisfied clients for over 20 years. By providing the highest quality service to our patients, our expert medical team can help you explore bio-hacking and wellness in Dallas.

The Benefits of Bio-Hacking and Wellness Treatments

Bio-hacking and wellness treatments are incredibly popular with our clients in Dallas because they lead to positive physical, mental, and emotional benefits, including:

  • Revitalization of physical health, such as enhanced immunity, decreased risk of disease, increased metabolism, and pain reduction
  • Increased athleticism, helping sports and fitness enthusiasts get the most out of their workouts with increased energy, endurance, and performance
  • A deeply satisfying and rewarding sex life for both the client and his partner
  • Dramatically improved self-esteem, happiness, and confidence

These benefits can help refresh an individual’s life and leave them feeling more in touch with their health.

Superhuman Protocol

Superhuman Protocol is a three-step approach that exposes the human body to magnetism, oxygen, and light; these work in concert to enrich the body with numerous benefits that accelerate wellness while helping get the most out of exercise workouts. Superhuman Protocol improves metabolism; supports immunity, blood, and muscle health; and accelerates healing. It also optimizes a fitness regimen by improving energy production, endurance, and post-workout recovery.

PNOĒ Metabolic Testing

PNOĒ delivers state-of-the-art metabolic analysis, which can be used to create personalized nutrition and exercise plans. Professional and Olympic athletes often use this testing to get a complete picture of cardiovascular and metabolic function. PNOĒ metabolic testing, now available to everyone, delivers unparalleled clinical accuracy in measuring 12 key biomarkers across metabolic, heart, lung, and cellular fitness—providing the gold standard in nutrition and exercise personalization. PNOĒ metabolic analysis has specialized protocols to look for key changes in the body post-Superhuman Protocol sessions.


Adaptive Resistance Exercise incorporates Active Resistance™ artificial intelligence technology that uses resistance created by motors rather than gravity, monitored and controlled by a computer to deliver the perfect workout in 15 minutes or less. All muscle groups in the body will be fully worked to exhaustion literally in less than 15 minutes giving a full body workout. Fitness can be maintained in 1 workout per week and improvement and gains will be continuously seen in a maximum of two workouts per week. Two 8 – 15 minute workouts per week are all you need to maintain and improve your strength and conditioning.

Hair Restoration With Exosomes

Exosome therapy is ideal for male or female patients with thinning hair, hair loss, hair fall, or shedding. Exosomes are the building blocks of stem cells and contain growth factors and other nutritional molecules that support cellular restoration and regeneration. When injected into the scalp, they can promote the rejuvenation of hair follicles and scalp with the formation of new, healthy, thick, and luscious hair.


Exosome and Stem therapy is not just for the hair. Phallo-X™ is one of the newest exosome-based treatments that specifically addresses sexual performance. This treatment takes about 20 minutes, requires no surgery or medications, and offers long-lasting results for dramatically improved rejuvenation of the tissues of the penis that control frequency and quality of erections as well as sensitivity and intensity of orgasms.


PhalloFILL® male enhancement is the most advanced treatment in penile girth enhancement ever developed. A breakthrough in the delivery of hyaluronic acid dermal filler in the penis, it has combined the advantages of multiple techniques plus proprietary post-care into one refined procedure for male girth enhancement or penile enlargement. AdvancedYOU in Dallas is the training facility for all PhalloFILL® providers in the world. PhalloFILL® is considered the only reputable girth enhancement procedure by many of the top, most trusted reconstructive urologists in the nation, complementing a man’s existing anatomy without compromising performance.

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