SmartGraft® Hair Restoration

SmartGraft® Hair Restoration

Our office offers the latest in hair restoration technology for our patients. SmartGraft® is an award-winning, innovative hair restoration procedure that uses micro-transplants of your own hair to restore hair loss and thinning areas and encourage the growth of new, thick, and luscious hair for men and women who have suffered hair loss.

Our SmartGraft® provider is the top national trainer for this treatment and is the preferred provider for many celebrities. We are one of the national training facilities for SmartGraft®, offering the latest technology to you. To learn more about SmartGraft® Hair Restoration in Dallas and put our bio-hacking and wellness expertise to work for you, give our clinic a call today.

The Power of SmartGraft®

This innovative procedure is an exciting breakthrough in the world of hair restoration and is specially designed for men and women suffering from hair loss. SmartGraft® technology allows our practitioner to harvest hair grafts efficiently, safely, precisely, and quickly while keeping these grafts chilled and moist before implantation. These factors enable the grafts to implant better, leading to better results.

SmartGraft® hair restoration allows our Dallas provider to harvest grafts from various parts of your scalp or neckline, to add density and thickness to the hair on your scalp or even fill in bald or thinning spots. Not only is SmartGraft® an excellent solution for hair loss at the scalp, but you can also use it to restore hair growth in other areas of permanent hair loss, such as the eyebrows and facial hair. Our team can also combine SmartGraft® with an exosomes hair restoration treatment to stimulate dormant hair follicles and help the new hair grafts grow stronger and faster, yielding thicker, more healthy results.

How Does SmartGraft® Work?

SmartGraft® is a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) device. FUE is a method of hair restoration that involves removing individual hair grafts from one site and transplanting them to another area of the body. SmartGraft® technology leads to hair graft removal with more precision and less pain and trauma than any other hair restoration method. It gently removes the hair grafts with suction while storing them in a temperature-controlled environment, ensuring they stay hydrated and healthy. Storing the grafts in this environment gives them the best chance of successful implementation.

SmartGraft® offers many benefits, including:

  • A minimally invasive procedure
  • A faster healing time compared to other hair restoration procedures
  • No downtime and little discomfort or lifestyle interruption
  • An ideal solution for men and women of all hair types
  • Natural-looking results
  • No visible scarring
  • Solution for the scalp and other hair-loss areas such as the body, facial hair, and eyebrows

SmartGraft®can be the solution for male pattern baldness, hair thinning, or trauma, such as burns, resulting in hair loss. Our Dallas team can help restore your hair for SmartGraft®.

Discover Thick, Strong, and Beautiful Hair with SmartGraft® Hair Restoration in Dallas

Our clinic is dedicated to bringing our patients the latest and best technological advancements. SmartGraft® is one of the leading hair restoration techniques, producing natural-looking results. Our patients can experience restored hair thickness, density, and lusciousness.

SmartGraft® is for men and women alike. If you suffer from Male Pattern Baldness, hair loss or hair thinning, or trauma resulting in permanent hair loss, SmartGraft® Hair Restoration in Dallas may be the ideal solution for you. Call today to discuss your options.


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