Holly A. Barko

Medical Director

After completing medical school at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas, an internship in internal medicine at Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, followed by residency in Anesthesiology at the Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA, Dr. Barko returned to Dallas to work for a private practice anesthesiology group.  

Dr. Barko loves administering anesthesia, performing nerve blocks, and helping patients get through the stress of surgery.  However, after several years working in Dallas, she observed a trend in her patient population.  Despite many advances in medical knowledge and technology, patients were becoming sicker, more overweight, more stressed, and relying more and more on prescription medications to treat symptoms but not the root cause of their condition.  There was not a focus on early intervention and prevention of illnesses.  She felt frustrated by the fact that so many patients had progressed to the point of requiring surgery, when early interventions may have taken them down a much different path. Dr. Barko decided to study aesthetics, functional and anti-aging medicine, to help patients look and feel younger, optimizing their wellness with a personalized care plan.  In 2018, she trained extensively in aesthetic medicine, becoming an aesthetic injector (for treatments with neurotoxins, dermal fillers, Kybella, etc.).  She then completed a fellowship (through A4M) and became board-certified in Functional, Metabolic, and Anti-aging Medicine in 2020.  Dr. Barko worked with William Moore for 5 years as the medical director at Advanced Skin Fitness, and is now part of his team as medical director at AdvancedYOU.  She is a medical advisor for the Texas MedSpa Association, as well as the Phallofill Clinic.

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