First introduced in Japan in the late 1970s, cryotherapy has become a global sensation in the fields of bio-hacking and performance enhancement. This brief, three-minute treatment submerges the body in temperatures often dropping below -200°F, offering a variety of benefits that have garnered worldwide attention.

At AdvancedYOU, cryotherapy employs a nitrogen-based system to activate your body’s natural healing processes. You enter an insulated chamber where liquid nitrogen vaporizes, creating a “cyclone” of extreme cold around you for a brief time. This intense cold boosts blood circulation to essential organs, enhances metabolism, and decreases inflammation. In essence, it’s a high-powered jolt of cold that aids in everything from muscle recovery to anti-aging and longevity.

Exiting the cryotherapy chamber, you’ll experience a burst of energy and well-being. With consistent sessions, you’ll notice your skin becoming radiant, revitalized, and younger-looking. The morning after a session, you’ll rise, feeling your muscles rejuvenated and your mind sharper. Cryotherapy is more than a fad; it’s a doorway to an AdvancedYOU—a you that looks better, feels better, and performs better.

If you’re a bio-hacker aiming for longevity and peak performance, cryotherapy packs a powerful punch in a single, brief session. Think of it as a shortcut to energize your body, uplift your mood, and speed up recovery. Envision a more focused, mentally sharp you, all while putting the brakes on aging. Cryotherapy might just be the missing element in your bio-hacking journey, providing a well-rounded approach to wellness that complements your existing strategies.

In just three minutes, a cryotherapy session feels like a quick, revitalizing dive into a refreshing new world. The chilly air immediately awakens your senses, delivering a rush of exhilaration mixed with calm. The session ends before you realize it, leaving you energized and primed to conquer your day. It’s a minimal time commitment for a significant boost in well-being.

Using nitrogen, cryotherapy achieves colder temperatures than electric chambers, offering a more intense experience in just three minutes. Unlike less precise methods like cold plunges or ice packs, nitrogen cryotherapy targets your entire body with a concentrated burst of cold. While each cold therapy has its pros and cons, nitrogen-based cryotherapy is often the go-to for those wanting quick, high-intensity results.

Cryotherapy Pricing

Intro session $20
1 session $45
3 sessions $120
5 sessions $180
10 sessions $320

Monthly (every 4 weeks)

Silver package

4 sessions

$119($29.75 each)

Gold package

8 sessions

$199($24.88 each)

Platinum package

12 sessions

$249($20.75 each)

*** additional cryo sessions with membership $25 each

Cryotherapy has a lot of upsides, but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you have medical issues such as high blood pressure, heart problems, or Raynaud’s disease, it’s best to skip this treatment. The same goes for pregnant women and those with serious skin conditions. Although the quick benefits are appealing, your safety should be the top priority. Text or call us to learn more about Cryotherapy in Dallas.

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