PNOĒ Metabolic Testing

PNOĒ Metabolic Testing

PNOĒ is a metabolic analyzer that takes a comprehensive snapshot of your physiology in minutes. It has been independently validated to deliver the same accuracy as clinical-grade analyzers used in hospitals. This non-invasive test accurately measures all your essential vital functions, assessing the health of your heart, lungs, and cells. PNOĒ measures oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production at rest and during exercise.

From the metabolic testing, you receive the information needed to build your personalized nutrition and workout plan, including your daily caloric burn, fat and carbohydrate utilization, and training zone thresholds. You can use this information to develop a fitness and nutritional regimen tailored to your needs, allowing you to achieve your fitness, wellness, and human enhancement goals faster and more efficiently. Understand your body with PNOĒ metabolic testing in Dallas.

How Does PNOĒ Metabolic Testing Work?

PNOĒ metabolic analysis provides unique insights into a person’s fitness and is not just for advanced athletes but also the general population in Dallas. The testing measures metabolic levels, detects slowdown, and selects the right program to optimize an individual’s performance. The metabolic test is only the beginning. A trainer will create customized workouts based on the results utilizing our advanced Superhuman Protocol combining PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field), EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy), PBM (photo bio modulation) red light therapy, and ARX (adaptive resistance exercise) training at our clinic in Dallas.

A metabolic analysis is a detailed examination of the energy a person expends over a specific period. The PNOĒ test analyzes whether an individual burns more or fewer calories than expected at rest and during exercise. The resting test will determine the number of calories burned in a non-exerted state throughout the day. The active test will record your results during a series of guided exercises.

How Does PNOĒ Metabolic Testing Work?

Who is a Good Candidate for PNOĒ Metabolic Testing?

PNOĒ metabolic testing can provide a complete picture of a person’s cardiovascular and metabolic function. Our team offers individualized nutrition and fitness recommendations to help people fuel their bodies for training at peak performance to reach their health and body composition goals. This system is perfect for endurance athletes, power-based athletes, and people interested in general health and fitness. PNOĒ metabolic testing if also a great tool for developing a baseline of knowledge prior to starting our advanced Superhuman Protocol program.

PNOĒ Resting Metabolic Analysis

This analysis measures a person’s caloric expenditure at rest. An individual’s resting metabolic rate is their body’s baseline. Knowing the resting metabolic rate enables a person to determine their calorie burn at rest and fat-burning efficiency. A person can compare the speed of their metabolism to others of the same gender, age, height, and weight. With this information, we can craft individualized calorie intake targets for specific goals to help a person lose, gain, or maintain their weight.

To prepare for the analysis, an individual should refrain from strenuous exercising for at least 12 hours before the test. Additionally, a person should not eat for at least 5 hours and not consume caffeine or nicotine for at least 6 hours before the test. The PNOĒ mask goes over the nose and mouth with a snug fit. The resting test consists of breathing normally for about 15  minutes. After the test, a person should discuss their results with an exercise physiologist..

Active Metabolic Analysis

During endurance training, it is important to understand how the body produces energy to ensure a person activates the proper energy pathways and trains correctly for their desired gains. If a person takes the time to put in the work, they should ensure they get the most out of every minute. With a PNOĒ metabolic analyzer, an individual will identify gaps in their fitness profile that they can use to push through plateaus in training like never before.

The PNOĒ mask goes over the nose and mouth while a person completes a series of guided exercises for 15-20 minutes. The PNOĒ active test measures the maximum fuel consumption while running, cycling, or rowing. This is called a VO2 max, which is a measure of an individual’s overall fitness level and health.

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