Adaptive resistance exercise (ARX) Fit uses carefully matched, motorized resistance to give you a perfect workout every time. The machine matches your resistance in contracting (concentric) and relaxing (eccentric) motions, so you receive optimal resistance throughout your training. ARX’s isokinetic exercise provides an effective workout in as little as 15 minutes. ARX Fit is scientifically proven to deliver quantifiable results by combining computer-controlled, motorized resistance that can match the force you generate 100% of the time.

ARX shortens exercise time by fatiguing your muscles without requiring all the sets and repetitions of conventional exercise. This bio-hacking and wellness exercise machine perfectly accommodates your force output and measures it repeatably and accurately throughout the entire range of motion. This next-generation exercise program combines all this with tracking software to record essential metrics.

ARX’s resistance will always be reasonable and adequate, unlike standard weights that fail to accommodate your changing strength levels. ARX uses finely tuned motors to offer adaptive resistance applied only in response to your effort. The machine provides safe, controlled, immediate, and quantifiable resistance. ARX Fit in Dallas empowers and challenges you to achieve your fitness goals one perfectly calibrated repetition at a time. When combined with our Superhuman Protocol program, you can fully optimize your workouts and enhance your body.

ARX Fit Benefits for Health and Wellness

ARX Fit builds muscle mass, increases bone density, helps with weight loss, increases metabolism, and optimizes hormones rapidly and effectively. You can start growing new muscle mass in only minutes per week. ARX stimulates bone growth with the world’s safest and most effective form of resistance. You will see improvement while cutting your workout time.

The primary function of your cardiovascular system is to circulate blood and oxygen to your body’s muscles. When your muscles are stressed and generating force, they require oxygen, causing the cardiovascular system to work hard to keep up with demand. When you use ARX, you expose your muscles to high but safe levels of exertion. The high metabolic requirements of your muscles cause your cardiovascular system to increase its capacity to match the demand. When you perform high-intensity resistance exercises on an ARX Fit system in Dallas, your muscles and cardiovascular system strengthen to handle this demand.

Using ARX for Injury Rehabilitation

ARX provides the perfect amount of resistance to help you recover from injury. ARX can track and quantify the healing process to ensure your full recovery. The machine matches the resistance you apply but not more. ARX is safer, which is essential during rehab. There are no dangerous weights to drop or adjustments to make, just precise resistance.

Resistance therapy can increase strength, reduce pain, and improve functional ability in patients with chronic lower back pain, knee osteoarthritis, tendinopathy, and those recovering from hip replacement surgery. People in Dallas can use ARX Fit as a therapeutic aid in many musculoskeletal conditions, especially chronic ones. Although the actual training intensity for maximal therapeutic effects is unclear, resistance therapy guidelines, which have proven effective in healthy populations, can also be successfully applied in rehabilitation.

Increasing Sports Performance with ARX Fit

Athletes of all types and performance levels can reap the benefits of safe, practical resistance training compared to weights in a fraction of the time. ARX Fit can rapidly respond to your fitness level, providing perfect resistance. You do not have to guess what weight to use. ARX uses dynamic resistances that are impossible with weights.

You must expose your muscles to high levels of resistance to increase strength. The greater the resistance, the greater the strength improvements. Dallas ARX Fit provides high levels of mechanical strain on your muscles to generate superior strength improvements.

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