Tony Bernal

Clinical Director
Hair Restoration

When you are not feeling confident in your hair or appearance, it can impact your confidence and emotional well-being significantly. Therefore, it is essential to recruit the help of hair restoration professional Tony Bernal. He can help you regain your confidence through the advanced technology of SmartGraft® and do it with precision and care that makes you feel comfortable throughout your journey.

Bernal, an innovator, leader, and master trainer in hair restoration technology (previously for Neograft® and now for SmartGraft®), boasts an extensive resume of over 3,000 procedures, including Hollywood celebrities, public figures, and New York City socialites, making him the industry’s most trusted name and leading authority. Bernal’s leadership, innovation, reliability, and respect for privacy have earned him this ranking at the top of the industry.

Bernal has also dedicated his efforts to training others so that his expertise and skill can reach a wider audience. He has trained over 250 surgeons and directed the opening of over 300 hair restoration clinics with close attention to detail so that all his trainees can deliver the most high-quality results. AdvancedYOU is one of the only national training facilities for SmartGraft® providers.

Bernal is a pioneer and revolutionary of physical transformation, leading to emotional transformation for individuals who have struggled with hair loss. Through his expertise, Tony Bernal can restore both your hair and confidence.

Tony Bernal currently serves as the clinical director of hair restoration for AdvancedYOU. To schedule a personal consultation today, text 214-949-4195. Bernal and our team can conduct consultations for hair restoration via a telemedicine visit or in person.

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