Hair Follicle Regrowth: How It Works

Hair Follicle Regrowth: How It Works

According to some experts, roughly 80% of men will experience significant hair loss, which starts well before middle age for many. Hair loss has many causes, including genetics, autoimmune disorders, anabolic steroid use, cigarette smoking, emotional stress, and some prescription medications.

When an illness triggers hair loss, it usually grows back once the issue has resolved. However, for male pattern hair loss, hair regrowth only occurs with treatment. In one study, well over half of men said their hair loss was essential to their self-image and affected their self-esteem.

When you want hair follicle regrowth without the added burden of surgery, our exosome therapy can help. Many people experience new hair growth in as little as 60 days and notice results that continue to improve in the following year. Our team can help you learn more about hair follicle regrowth: how it works.

What Is Exosome Therapy for Hair Follicle Regrowth?

Mesenchymal stem cells produce exosomes, which the body uses for communication. Science has isolated these exosomes and can deliver them directly to the area where they are needed. Research and clinical studies have demonstrated that injections of exosomes with growth factors result in hair follicle regrowth.

Exosomes are small non-cellular vesicles that contain mRNA and RNA, which helps initiate protein manufacturing. Exosomes from follicular stem cells help promote hair regrowth or prevent further hair loss.

Injections of serum containing exosomes, cytokines, and a variety of growth factors help cells to produce new hair by restoring and reviving dormant hair follicles. A hair follicle is a cylindrical body within the skin opening where the hair grows.

Hair grows out of the hair follicle in three cycles. The first phase is called the growth phase, which can take up to seven years. During the second phase, the hair transitions to resting. In the final months, it falls out. The hair follicle promotes hair growth, helps form new blood vessels, and repairs skin after a wound or injury. Hair follicles are one of the few structures that can stop functioning and start functioning again later.

Are You a Good Candidate for Hair Follicle Regrowth?

Many people associate a full head of hair with psychological health and cultural significance. Before undergoing hair follicle regrowth with exosomes, it is important to understand why the hair loss happened.

A good candidate for exosome therapy must first address any illness, medication, or hormonal issues that have triggered hair loss. A person may need more medical assessments or diagnostic testing to identify and treat the cause.

New hair growth can be evident as quickly as the first two to three months after treatment. Most people notice hair regrowth six months after treatment, but change can continue for up to one year. Typically, it is wise to wait four to six months after the last treatment to consider more exosome injections if needed.

How Are Exosome Treatments Different From Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet-rich plasma is another treatment available for hair follicle regrowth. Significant differences occur between the two types of injections. Platelet-rich plasma requires blood drawn from the client during treatment.

A centrifuge separates the blood and growth factors. The injector uses the growth factors to inject the scalp. The downside to PRP is that the growth factors are not the best because they are taken from the blood of the adult patient, and the concentration is far less than with Exosomes, which are derived from day zero stem cells from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby.

Donors are screened for health issues before exosomes are harvested, packaged in a sterile vial, and ready for use. The exosomes may be present in the body for up to 8 months after the treatment. The exosomes prolong the hair growth cycle and convert hair follicles stuck in the resting phase to the growth phase.

The visit often lasts 20 to 30 minutes, and a person may need one to two treatments. In addition to growth factors and exosomes, the product also contains anti-inflammatories that help reduce discomfort and swelling. Unlike other treatment options for hair follicle regrowth, exosome injections do not require downtime. A person can return to daily activities on the day of treatment.

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