Photo Bio-Modulation Therapy in Dallas

Photo bio-modulation uses light technology with four different wavelengths of light to stimulate the cellular healing and regenerative process. By triggering these molecular processes, photo bio-modulation therapy can lead to various therapeutic effects and help treat the symptoms of several metabolic disorders and health conditions, all of which lead to disease-decreased life span if not addressed.

At our clinic, we invest in advanced medical care delivered by cutting-edge technology. We offer a variety of medical, cosmetic, and exercise and fitness treatments and therapies, including photo bio-modulation therapy for our patients in Dallas and beyond. For more information about photo bio-modulation therapy in Dallas, connect with our expert clinical team today.

The Science Behind Photo Bio-Modulation Therapy

Our cells contain cellular structures called mitochondria. The mitochondria power the cell with energy production known as ATP. One of the protein components of mitochondria, cytochrome c oxidase, contains light-absorbing molecules. When light (especially infra-red or near infra-red light) hits these molecules, it triggers an energy-producing cascade. This results in effects throughout the body, including:

  • Increase in mitochondrial activity producing more ATP
  • Reduction in overall inflammation of the body
  • More blood flow to the brain
  • More energy received by the cells
  • Activation of stem cells
  • Activation of genes
  • Cellular healing
  • Wound healing
  • Increased sense of well-being

Because of its broad effects, a person in Dallas can use photo bio-modulation therapy to treat a variety of health concerns that cause pain, inflammation, and low energy. Our patients can safely use photo bio-modulation therapy to increase their energy production and decrease pain and inflammation. It is safe for almost all adult patients–regardless of age, skin condition, skin tone, health condition, or body type.

Photo Bio-Modulation Therapy Details

Our team performs this treatment in-house at our Dallas-based clinic. This non-invasive and risk-free red-light therapy involves the application of a “low-level laser” also coined “cold laser” on the targeted treatment area. The laser will penetrate your skin painlessly but effectively and trigger the activation of your cellular mitochondria, kick-starting various cellular processes at the molecular level. This treatment will result in noticeably increased energy production, decreased inflammation, and a decrease in chronic pain.

Each treatment will take about 15 minutes, treating the entire body. Given this treatment’s non-invasive nature, you can immediately return to your work or daily activities following your photo bio-modulation treatment in Dallas.

Benefits of Photo Bio-Modulation Therapy

The primary objective of photo bio-modulation therapy is to increase energy production, decrease inflammation, and decrease chronic pain. In addition to these primary benefits, photo bio-modulation therapy offers a variety of additional benefits for our patients, including:

  • Quick, simple treatment
  • Non-surgical
  • Painless
  • Minimal risk
  • Safe for almost every adult patient
  • Safe for all skin tones, types, and textures

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We are committed to providing exceptional medical care and wellness treatments for our patients from the Dallas-Fort Worth Area and beyond. Photo bio-modulation therapy in Dallas can increase energy and decrease pain and inflammation by stimulating healing with light. Discover the benefits of this therapy by texting or calling our team today.

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