Optimize your Training Routine in Dallas

Optimize your Training Routine in Dallas

Are you looking to take your training and nutrition efforts to the next level? PNOĒ Metabolic Testing gives you accurate data to achieve these goals more efficiently.

The PNOĒ test offers the most holistic view of your body by analyzing 12 biomarkers in your breath. Gain insights into your:

  • Cardiac, pulmonary and cellular fitness
  • The “speed” of your metabolism
  • Your fat-burning efficiency
  • How your breathing affects your posture and brain.

Here’s how PNOĒ Metabolic Testing can bring data-driven results to your training.

Track Progress that you can’t see

Just because you don’t see visible changes doesn’t mean they’re not there. It’s common for clients to see us after they’ve become metabolically impaired. This means it may take the body time to reset and balance. We can make you a personalized training and nutrition program from metabolic testing. If you do the work with the correct training advice but do not see results, it’s important to remain patient! With PNOĒ Metabolic Testing analysis and periodic retesting, we can determine if you are wasting your time or on the right track.

Determine the best way for you to train.

Cardio, strength training or H.I.I.T.? Everyone’s body is unique and requires a different level, intensity, and type of exercise. Other people may react differently to the same standard training programs. What determines the success of your program is the individual’s metabolism and body type. We can use the results of your PNOĒ Metabolic Testing to develop an individualized training program that delivers visible, lasting results.

Train in the correct training zone to meet your goals.

PNOĒ Metabolic Testing will determine how your body uses the fuel sources fat and carbohydrate. Tailored training zones will help you gain muscle and maximize fat-burning abilities by optimizing the fuel sources you are using.

Elevate your breathing and posture.

Metabolic analysis isn’t just about calories, fats, and carbs. It’s also about the way you breathe. Breathing can be a unique performance enhancer if you have proper posture and breathing mechanics. With PNOĒ technology, we can improve your breathing to help boost metabolism, improve cognitive function, and increase training performance.

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