Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is a treatment that uses specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to address many health concerns. Celebrated for its versatility, this healing approach is rapidly becoming a sought-after solution for enhancing cellular energy, reducing inflammation, and providing pain relief. It’s a whole-body wellness treatment suitable for all, offering relief from joint pain to improved skin health and supporting recovery in athletes. It can also complement hair restoration techniques like our SmartGraft® hair transplant. This treatment offers a broad spectrum of benefits, making it a cornerstone therapy for overall vitality and well-being. Our TheraLight360 technology stands at the forefront of red light therapy, delivering unparalleled power and coverage.

Are you a good candidate for Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is for you if you’re exploring ways to enhance your body’s natural healing abilities, manage pain, enhance your skin quality, or elevate your overall wellness. Whether you are an athlete seeking faster muscle recovery, someone dealing with chronic joint pain, or you’re interested in boosting your cellular energy, our TheraLight360 redlight therapy bed could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Red Light therapy can also benefit those in the early stages of hair loss, helping to stimulate and health the hair follicles. This state-of-the-art technology is designed for those who prefer a non-invasive and holistic approach to health, with the added convenience of no downtime.

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How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light and infrared therapy is a non-invasive modality that employs wavelengths of light ranging from 600 to 950 nm to catalyze healing and regeneration processes throughout the body. This therapeutic light energy enhances blood flow, stimulates cellular repair, and fosters regeneration. It effectively diminishes inflammation and neutralizes free radicals, leading to a surge in mitochondrial activity and ATP production—our cells’ primary energy molecule. Administered through a device that resembles a tanning bed yet emits no harmful UV radiation, this therapy allows patients to unwind comfortably as the red light envelops their body, offering relief and recovery to areas in need.

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Red Light therapy offers many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced cellular energy and ATP production
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Chronic and acute pain relief
  • Improved circulation and blood flow
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Increased collagen production for skin health
  • Accelerated healing of wounds and injuries
  • Support for joint health and reduced stiffness
  • Mental clarity and cognitive function enhancement
  • Mood improvement
  • Better sleep quality
  • Strengthened immune system & supports detoxification
  • Hair growth stimulation (when targeting the scalp)

Help your body to regrowth your hair with Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy at AdvancedYOU uses TheraLight 360, a unique multi-wavelength LED system that combines four optimal therapeutic wavelengths to generate maximum results. It is a natural solution to accelerate and optimize cellular functioning. Patients generally begin to notice improvements after 2 to 3 months of regular treatment, with more significant results appearing after six months. By stimulating cellular energy production and reducing inflammation, this therapy supports the body’s capacity to heal from the inside out.

No, not all red light therapy beds are the same. They can differ significantly in terms of power, range of light wavelengths, design, and the specific therapeutic effects they offer. Our TheraLight360 bed is a prime example of innovation in red light therapy, standing out as an exceptional choice. It’s equipped with a full spectrum of red and near-infrared light, ensuring you receive the most effective doses for optimal tissue penetration and therapeutic benefits.

Red Light Therapy is a treatment that uses specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to promote healing and relieve various conditions within the body. It works by delivering wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin to various depths, stimulating cellular function, increasing circulation, and reducing inflammation.

Benefits include pain relief, reduced inflammation, improved skin health, faster muscle recovery, enhanced circulation, and increased cellular energy production.

Yes, it is a non-invasive and safe treatment option with minimal to no side effects reported.

Absolutely. Redlight therapy is known for its effectiveness in reducing joint pain and inflammation, which can lead to improved mobility.

Treatment frequency can vary depending on individual needs, but typically, it ranges from two to five times per week.

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