SmartGraft® Hair Restoration in Dallas

SmartGraft® Hair Restoration in Dallas

Are you frustrated by hair loss or thinning hair? Learn about the remarkable benefits of SmartGraft® Hair Restoration in Dallas!

What is SmartGraft®?

SmartGraft® is an innovative hair restoration procedure that uses your own hair to rejuvenate thinning areas. It’s efficient, minimally invasive, and delivers natural-looking results without visible scarring. At AdvancedYOU in Dallas, we proudly offer SmartGraft® treatments with our hair restoration professional, Tony Bernal. Tony has performed over 3,000 procedures, including Hollywood celebrities, public figures, and New York City socialites,

What are the procedure benefits?

  • Precise, safe harvesting of hair grafts.
  • Ensures graft hydration for best results.
  • Restores hair on the scalp, eyebrows and facial hair.
  • It can be combined with exosomes for faster, more robust hair growth.
  • Suitable for men and women of all hair types.
  • Minimal lifestyle disruption.
  • Effective for Male Pattern Baldness, hair thinning, and trauma-related hair loss.

How Does SmartGraft® Work?

SmartGraft® is a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) device that removes and transplants individual hair grafts from a donor site on the scalp. The transplanted hair follicles are strategically placed to grow in the same direction as the surrounding hair. The procedure heals quickly, and you can return to work in two days. Newly transplanted hair can be seen in about three months, followed by noticeable improvement after six months and total growth after 12 to 14 months.

Restore confidence in your hairline with SmartGraft® Hair Restoration in Dallas.

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