Your Go-To Clinic for Hair Restoration in Dallas

Your Go-To Clinic for Hair Restoration in Dallas

The art of personalized hair treatments.

Hair loss is something many people go through, men and women alike. Men often see it as a retreating hairline or a bald spot on top of their head, which usually comes down to their genes or changes in their hormones. Women might find their hair getting thinner all over or see their part getting wider, which can happen from stress, hormone changes, or just getting older. Getting to the bottom of why it’s happening is important because it points us to the right way to help fix it and help you feel better about your hair and yourself.

If you’re looking for hair restoration in Dallas, AdvancedYOU has exactly what you need. Our clinic specializes in several straightforward and effective treatments to help you regain your full head of hair.

Smart Graft® Hair Restoration in Dallas

Our SmartGraft® Hair Restoration is a modern way to tackle hair loss. Smart Graft is considered an FUE hair transplant. It’s a simple process where we take individual hair grafts from one part of your head and move them to where they’re needed most. The SmartGraft® machine makes it comfortable to remove the grafts and keeps them healthy until they’re transplanted. This method leaves you with natural-looking hair growth where you want it the most.

Hair Restoration with Exosomes in Dallas

We also offer a hair restoration treatment in Dallas that uses exosomes. These powerful growth factors can kickstart hair growth. We get these exosomes from very young stem cells and apply them to the areas of your scalp that need a boost. This treatment works well on its own or alongside SmartGraft® to give you even better results.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Hair Restoration in Dallas

Another service we provide is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT for short. It’s a treatment type where you breathe pure oxygen in a special chamber. This is especially good after getting a SmartGraft® because it helps your transplanted hair settle in, grow properly, and heal faster.

Red Light Therapy

Lastly, we have Red Light Therapy at AdvancedYOU hair restoration clinic in Dallas. This pain-free treatment uses a specific light to help your hair grow thicker and stronger. It’s an easy and comfortable process that involves sitting and letting the light do its work.

At AdvancedYOU, we’re all about giving you effective, science-backed options for hair restoration in Dallas. We’re here to help you feel confident about your hair again. Come in and discuss how we can help you achieve your hair goals.

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