How Much Bigger Will I Get with PhalloFILL®?

PhalloFILL® is designed to safely and effectively meet the unique, sensitive needs of men. PhalloFILL® is backed by medical and scientific research and development and is the leading non-surgical solution for male girth enhancement.

PhalloFILL® uses a hyaluronic acid dermal filler to help add penile girth and volume and enhance your look. Not only does PhalloFILL® have tremendous physical benefits, but it also has life-changing mental and emotional benefits. This cutting-edge treatment is safe, effective, and low-risk and requires no social downtime. For more information about PhalloFILL®, text our seasoned consultants today.

Is PhalloFILL® Right for Me?

PhalloFILL® enhancement is a treatment using dermal filler that adds volume and fullness. It is uses only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler, is highly safe, and low-risk. Our patients experience increased sexual well-being and greatly improved self-confidence.

PhalloFILL® can be an effective treatment for almost every adult male patient that wants to improve penile size, girth, or aesthetics. Our team can help you determine whether you are the right candidate for PhalloFILL® non-surgical male enhancement by answering a few simple questions. Click here to see if you are a candidate.

What Results Will I Experience With PhalloFILL®

Men who approach us for girth enhancement treatment typically have one critical question in mind: how much bigger can I get with PhalloFILL®?

We understand why this is an incredibly important question for our patients. Of course, size and aesthetics are their primary concern–if you share this concern, PhalloFILL® can be an ideal treatment for you.

Individual results from PhalloFILL® will vary, though on average, our male patients see 1-1.5 inches of increased girth. The most we have added to a patient is 2.5 inches in girth. Beginning size and budget play a big role in this. This will typically be achieved in two or more sessions, but we usually recommend several sessions to help patients achieve these results. During your initial consultation, our team will devise a treatment strategy to help you get optimal results from your PhalloFILL® injections.

Size is not the only enhancement that PhalloFILL® can offer. The injection can also help reduce aesthetic shrinkage that results from cold weather, certain medications, and anxiety. We can make you become a “shower” instead of only a “grower”. We can give you that locker room look you have always desired. It has many physical, mental, and emotional benefits: our male patients have experienced incredible and life-changing results from PhalloFILL®.

How Much Bigger Will I Get with PhalloFILL®? Reach Out to Learn More

When you are hoping to improve your size and confidence, PhalloFILL® may be the perfect treatment. PhalloFILL® is minimally invasive, low-risk, and requires no social downtime and almost no limitations to your daily activities.

PhalloFILL® has transformed the lives of hundreds our male clients–from Texas and thousands beyond. In Dallas alone we have performed over 3,000 procedures.  It can help you increase confidence in your romantic and sexual life. Text our team to discover whether PhalloFILL® is right for you.

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