How Much Does PhalloFill® Cost?

How Much Does PhalloFill® Cost?

PhalloFILL® was designed to ensure safe and consistent penile girth enhancement using FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. It is highly customizable to your anatomy and has become trusted by men seeking penile enhancement. This product has been proven safe and effective for volume improvement since receiving FDA approval in 2004. The process typically involves two or more treatments that take about 30 minutes each. The treatment requires no incisions, and you can resume regular exercise and activity almost immediately after your procedure.

PhalloFILL® Results

PhalloFILL® offers semi-permanent results, with patients reporting retention for 3-4 years after hyaluronic acid treatment. The aesthetic outcomes from PhalloFILL® result from our unique injection techniques and specialized post-treatment care. You can expect girth increases of 0.25 to 0.3 inches per session or an average total penile girth enhancement of 1 to 1.5 inches after multiple treatments, depending on your goal. You can achieve any reasonable increase in girth with multiple sessions. We recommend one maintenance treatment every 12 months to maintain your final result. Most maintenance treatments require a fraction of the filler used for the initial PhalloFILL® enhancement.

PhalloFILL® Pricing

PhalloFILL is highly adaptable to your goals. You decide how much bigger you want to get. If you wish to supplement with just a minor girth enhancement or go all out, you only need to tell us the number of treatment units you want. A unit of treatment is one 1.2 mL syringe. The minimum treatment is four units. You can get up to 6 units in one visit. You should expect 20 to 30 units over time for maximum size. You may purchase single units of treatment to add to any package at the same price. First-time patients may be subject to modest physician fees. Typical prices are listed below.

4 Units         $2,800*

Four units are usually the minimum required for noticeable results in both look and feel.

6 Units         $3,900*

Maximum Size in Single Visit – Some Patients May Require 2 Visits.

Six units are the maximum allowable in a single visit. Six units provide significant visible improvement in girth.

10 Units       $5,000*

Requires Two Visits

The 10-unit package is the best for most men. Many men will receive 5 or 6 units on a single visit. With this package, you can get visibly noticeable girth increases with just two visits.

20 Units+     $9,900*

Requires Four to Five Visits

The 20-unit package is for men who want a substantially noticeable increase in girth. At 5 to 6 units per visit, this package requires you to visit us four to five times.

*Financing is available

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