Superhuman Protocol

Superhuman Protocol

Optimize your health for wellness and longevity.

Superhuman Protocol at AdvancedYOU Superhuman BioHacking in Dallas involves using various tools, technologies, and lifestyle interventions to enhance physical and cognitive abilities, extend lifespan, and achieve peak human performance.

The superhuman protocol is designed for beginners or “newbies” to longevity and biohacking and is a newly discovered weapon for fitness enthusiasts and both professional and Olympic athletes.

SUPERHUMAN PROTOCOL might include the following, depending on the program you choose at AdvancedYOU Superhuman BioHacking in Dallas!

Superhuman Human protocol always includes implementing “Earth, Wind, and Fire,” referred to in the clinic as magnetism, oxygen therapy, and bio photo modulating red light therapy, constantly in that order.

  • Nutritional optimization: Using PNOĒ metabolic testing, advanced diets and supplements to provide the body with optimal levels of essential nutrients and prevent chronic diseases associated with aging.
  • Exercise and movement: Incorporating specific forms of exercise and activity that stimulate muscle growth, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility.
  • Sleep optimization: Improving sleep quality and quantity promotes rest and recovery and prevents age-related cognitive decline.
  • Stress management: Utilizing meditation, mindfulness, and biofeedback to reduce chronic stress and its negative impacts on the body.
  • Hormone optimization: Using hormones or hormone-replacement therapies to balance hormone levels and reduce age-related hormone decline.
  • Cognitive enhancement: Using nootropics, brain-training exercises, and other methods to enhance cognitive function, memory, and mental clarity.
  • Anti-aging therapies: Utilizing cutting-edge medical and biotechnological interventions like exosome therapy to reverse or slow the aging process.

Our Superhuman Protocol at AdvancedYOU Superhuman BioHacking in Dallas aims to achieve a level of physical and cognitive performance that exceeds the normal human range, allowing individuals to reach their full potential and enjoy a longer, healthier, and more productive life.

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